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Impromptu portraits

September 01, 2017  •  Leave a Comment

One of the key areas a photographer is expected to make a difference is in respect of impromptu portraits. To maximise on impromptu portraits, firstly, you need to have the light - not direct light, ideally, diffuse light, window light, light reflected from a bright surface. On the street, you may need to get your subjects to raise their chins a little to capture light from above. Choose a simple, ideally, uniform background, if available, a door or wall, even use the sun as a backlight to over-expose and minimise the relevance of the background. Don't try to photograph people and landmarks in the same shot, you won't do justice to either. If you can, look for a connection/relationship between subject/subject matter and the textures of your backdrop. If you can't find a simple or uniform background, try for uniformity in chaos or make sure you fill the frame as much as possible with the subject (if using a mobile, filling the screen with your subject will stop the camera fudging the exposure so much). 



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