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Photographing children

November 17, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

It's getting to the festive season which brings me to the subject of photographing your own children. Snaps aside, if you're looking to shoot a reasonable portrait shot, my advice would be as follows: only do it once in a day, maximise your available light i.e. shoot them bathed in window light or with all of the house lights up, shoot them at their eye level, fill most of the frame (don't try to photograph the beautiful tree and children in the same shot), keep the background relatively simple - xmas lights are good as they add separation and possibly some backlight, create a zone you want to shoot in and test it before you invite them into it, pre-focus on something stationary in shot at the same distance as the children if your camera allows as the kids will move a lot and throw off your focus, use bribes and don't ask them to stay in your shot for more than 5 minutes maximum.




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