Photo booth

September 29, 2014  •  Leave a Comment
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I was upstaged by a photo booth the other night. This thing was amazing, good light, high-quality images, instant print-out backed up by internet version within 24 hours, everything batch processed. There was a host of props to choose from to encourage users to let their hair down and perform. It even had an inbuilt wind-machine. I'm hanging up my spurs!

To be honest, it did strike me as an interesting business prospect. It certainly provided a great deal of entertainment for guests and, aside from set-up and put down, did almost everything else itself. I hear the start-up costs for a good quality booth are approx £15k, which is a commitment, but I'll bet they pay for themselves within 6 months. Will have to get saving, just £14,979.80 short...



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