Finn Dudaniec Photography: Blog en-us (C) Finn Dudaniec Photography (Finn Dudaniec Photography) Thu, 31 May 2018 15:35:00 GMT Thu, 31 May 2018 15:35:00 GMT Finn Dudaniec Photography: Blog 120 120 Hard sunlight panic! Everybody loves the sun, especially for a wedding, don't they? Everybody with the exception of photographers that is. Well, yes and no. You can't beat the energy the sun brings to a wedding but in terms of the job of exposure, it's damn hard work. Hard sunlight creates a plethora of problems that nobody but your photographer will understand (or care about) which further adds to the challenge. So, what's the problem? In a nutshell it's to do with the extreme range between the light and the shade that goes beyond the capabilities of a sensor's dynamic range, blown-out skies and hard-shadowy portraits. There are a few strategies - shoot inside, in the shade or with the sun behind the subject as much as possible, use fill-flash where appropriate, be ready to make the most of the late evening when the extremes have reduced and it's more possible to expose for both subject and background.



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Selfies on the fly

This selfie was taken with the camera resting on a window ledge above head height so I was unable to actually focus in place. I tested my exposure settings, guestimated the distance from subject, pre-focused just short of that distance, set a decent aperture (f5.6+) to give me a margin or error then lifted the camera overhead to the window ledge. Image came out lovely and sharp.

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Digicamcontrol - free tethering software

Tested digicamcontrol the other day - shooting tethered (via laptop). I love opensource software not just because it's free but because it tends to be more direct. This software is easy to use and I was very impressed with the accuracy of the capture, the sharpness of the images. Shooting tethered is commonplace for studio photographers but it's also the best way to take self-portraits. Highly recommend!

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Light room, dark room

A quick and easy trick for framing a portrait is to position your subject on the threshold between a light and dark space, such as a doorway facing onto a light room or towards daylight, with a dark room to the rear. 

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Remarkable reinvention

Martine Wright MBE - her legs taken in the 7/7 London bombings, decided she'd make the experience meaningful, defining, and reinvented herself as a para-Olympian. It's one of those stories that reminds you of how so many cope with adversity but some are able, through positivity and determination to re-filter their perspectives on life, reinventing their freedoms and dreams in other ways.

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The Leeds Club

Noticed that the Leeds Club had closed down the other day. It's probably been closed for a while. Pity, lovely venue with some history. I guess city centre is premium property. Hopefully somebody will do something tasteful when they buy it.

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I've said it before - I should be a talent scout! 

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Sometimes you've got to use what you have. This portrait needed an urban feel but the only vaguely urban surface available was a 4ft breezeblock wall but with a little creative framing, you'd never know the subjects are, in fact, kneeling.

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Print is back!

Yet again I am staggered by the value, quality and efficiency of Saal-Digital. Their photo booklet product is a real winner. Though we all still love the look and feel of printed images, nobody prints anymore. The quality of high-street printing is poor or expensive. The Saal-Digital photo booklet puts quality print into an affordable bracket - bound in a durable quality, bound, booklet format. The software is easy to use and the production/delivery times are unfathomably fast. The sizes and options allow you to easily flex to your requirements. Perfect for capturing the best images from holidays, occasions and events and having them accessible on the bookcase or table top to really appreciate.


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Impromptu portraits

One of the key areas a photographer is expected to make a difference is in respect of impromptu portraits. To maximise on impromptu portraits, firstly, you need to have the light - not direct light, ideally, diffuse light, window light, light reflected from a bright surface. On the street, you may need to get your subjects to raise their chins a little to capture light from above. Choose a simple, ideally, uniform background, if available, a door or wall, even use the sun as a backlight to over-expose and minimise the relevance of the background. Don't try to photograph people and landmarks in the same shot, you won't do justice to either. If you can, look for a connection/relationship between subject/subject matter and the textures of your backdrop. If you can't find a simple or uniform background, try for uniformity in chaos or make sure you fill the frame as much as possible with the subject (if using a mobile, filling the screen with your subject will stop the camera fudging the exposure so much). 


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Get close! If you're trying to capture a sensory quality such as taste, smell or touch, it often pays to get close. There's a shot you could make of the cupcakes in symmetry on the table on their stand, a perfect pyramid (though, in reality, there rarely is the uniform background you want) but that takes the image into the realm of a visual aesthetic. Up close like this, it's about the touch and the smell and the taste, which is what you want your audience to experience.


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You can go your own way! As a photographer, I'm impartial...and mercenary, I'll shoot anything! but it's always nice to see a couple really enjoy their wedding day, without the stress, just doing things the way they want and celebrating with family and friends.


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Protect and serve

Got to combine two of my passions at the weekend, training with IPA DTG on some adrenaline-fuelled self-protection scenarios. In between drills, I got to snap an image or two of the action. Great team and great to spend some time with the police - an amazing, noble tribe, committed to our safety and willing to step into the breach for duty and the greater good.

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To the air!


Spent a delightful week in the magical land of Northumberland. When in Rome...


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Creative space Yorkshire portrait photographerYorkshire portrait photographer

I love working in this creative space, which is essentially, a vacant shop unit in a basement. There is so much vacant space in a city like Leeds that could be put to some creative use. It's a shame really.

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Monochrome weddings?   There is something timeless, authentic and honest about black and white images that makes black and white ideal for story telling (colour complicates and adds a new dimension of aesthetic that, though pleasing in its own right, can distract from the human story). One of my favourite wedding photographers, Kevin Mullins goes as far as to offer a monochrome wedding package. It's an attractive proposition to a photographer and Kevin's demand for black and white weddings is consistent. It would be interesting to trial.


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The headshot A simple series of headshots designed to highlight different perspectives of the same face, from the straight-laced to the more enigmatic


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Body of work Back in my favourite improvised studio space recently, shooting with Nicola P_ whose body is a canvas of tattoo art, a body of art.


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The beautiful ones Yorkshire wedding and portrait photographerYorkshire wedding and portrait photographerYorkshire wedding and portrait photographer - #Corn exchange

Spoilt myself on this shoot with two of my favourite young models - the cheekbones!

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When I get in front of the camera, the extent to my own campness sometimes comes as a surprise. This is a Caravaggio moment. Still, it's very important for the photographer to remember what it feels like on the other side of the lens. Practice makes perfect.

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