Who am I?  I’m a story-teller first and foremost and photography at its best is just that, story-telling, capturing, preserving and sharing the important stories of our lives, the rites of passage, the births and birthdays, the parties and graduations, the christenings and weddings. Memories fade but stories persist.

My approach​ for weddings and occasions, I naturally tends towards the documentary. Though I'm equally inspired by the flamboyant as I am the discrete, preserving the integrity of your story is tantamount. These moments may be among your most cherished. They should be your moments, your style.

I travel light, using only what equipment I have to. I'll feel like a guest. I'll do what I'm there to do while you’re enjoying the occasion and I’ll deliver what I promised to.

Why are my prices low? Because my transparent style tends to attract discerning customers, planning weddings on a modest budget, which suits me fine. I'm happy to provide a quality product for a fair price.

What's my USP?​ I value transparency and I'll be open and upfront throughout. My pricing is modest. I won't try to upsell any products to you and, business aside, once I take the lens cap off, I'm all about the story.

Weddings & occasions - from £700 for full day or £300 for partial day coverage

Weddings and occasions are the rites of passage that bind us together and mark the key moments of transition, the chapters of our lives. As a photographer, I am privileged to play a part in documenting these moments. My role is to record your day, as it happens, to capture the visual story so that it can be re-told and re-visited long after the moment has passed.

I offer a resource of creative ideas and solutions, commitment to your vision and an ongoing consultation from the first inquiry onward.

Events - from £50 per hour

Whether it's a 50th birthday, a nightclub launch party or an international corporate awards ceremony, I'm up to the challenge. Having worked within the corporate and event management spheres, I'm familiar with the environment and at ease with the needs and the nuances of this type of booking, whether the emphasis is on product or people, loud or discrete.

Portraiture- from £50 per hour

Taking images of ourselves at play or with those we cherish is what we all do routinely these days, it's even an expectation in the workplace. A portraiture session is a way to capture and preserve images that will stand the test of time or to capture our best side for the market place. Portraiture sessions can also be bonding experiences and occasions in themselves, something fun to do with friends or family. Whether it's formal or extravagant, I love all aspects of portraiture.